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Optimization of muscle stimulators for heart failure patients

In collaboration with CogniMed, the Microstim GmbH developed a family of products for a new type of tissue sparing muscle stimulators. The clinical trials are planned for 2014.

An approach to the treatment of heart failure, ie the declining performance of the heart, is a muscular cardiac support. An endogenous skeletal muscle supports the pumping function of the heart. With electrical pulses from an implant, the skeletal muscle is brought to sudden heat-synchrone contraction and helps the contracting myocardium. Thus, more blood can be pumped in a cycle.

But the skeletal muscles assistance can only go so far. When over-used, the muscle loses its contractile force and speed and thus their ability to support the heart effectively. The exhaustion of the muscle can be considerably reduced, however, when the muscle use is below the critical limits.

And this is the idea: As part of the project, a microcontroller-based control system is developed that adapts the stimulation frequency to the performance of the muscle, so that the necessary contractions can take place over a much longer period of time without muscle fatigue. With this method, patients with heart failure might have the possibiility of improved life expectancy and improved quality of life. With our highly professional team of engineers of electrical engineering, biomedical engineering and physics, we develop the necessary monitoring component. It visualised the measurement data of the implant for the patient and gives him to understand when he should cut back"his activities.

in 2014, the first clinical trials are planned. For more information on this project can be found here: