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Social Commitment

Tommy the Bear Comforter

Often the simple ideas are the best, so also with Tommy, the comforter teddy bears.

When children have an accident, often it is not easy for the paramedics to help the little ones. When a child has been injured while playing or in traffic, or it suffers from shortness of breath or circulation problems, it reacts with tears, anxiety or even panic to the necessary procedures of the rescue workers. To be able to provide help quickly, the "Rettungsdienst Stormarn" can now rely on Tommy. The teddy belongs to the ambulance's standard equipment. It comforts the little patients and helps the children to have confidence in the paramedics. Tommy accompanies the children during treatments. The little patients can show him where they are in pain and the tests can be performed on the teddy first . And the best part: after the successful deployment, the cuddly animal remains, of course, with his protégé.

Tommy was initiated by the publishing group KIM from Detmold, whose employees have canvassed Stormarner companies as sponsors. No hesitation for CogniMed as biomedical technology Company to join in with such a good idea. Thanks to our donation, the critical first aid can be more effective and successful. And it still fits to our slogan:

Engineering for People