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Welcome to CogniMed

  • Full scale solutions
    Software, hardware, and housings in accordance to your specifications, up to DAL-B compliant to DO-178B / ED12-B and DO-254 / ED-80
  • MCU PCBs
    Problem analysis, circuitry, PCB layout, assembly design, software development for µC or PC-applications, design for testability
  • Compliance
    Certified quality management and procedures, test planning, execution and reporting, series test design
  • Sourcing support
    Supplier qualification, obsolescence management
  • Prototyping
    Functional models, prototyping, limited-lot production
  • EMV support
    up to 600 V/m

Our Services

SEQUEM Avionics is your experienced partner for electronics and software development with a broad technology knowledge base to deliver solutions right up to DAL-B. We offer software engineering which conforms to DO-178B/ED-12B and our hardware development is compliant with DO-254/ED-80 if requested.

Development partnership

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We can do both

Those who aim high should be able to build on a solid foundation. Our foundation lies on the theoretical basics in electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, computer science and physics. Our engineers are masters of these disciplines. The theory holds because of the years and years of industrial practical experience our development staff has. Just as mortar in a foundation, we combine our entire theoretical knowledge with all the experience gained in practice to a profound know-how about processes, industry requirements, technologies and their applications. And anyone who has ever experienced how different a theoretical construct might behave in the implementation, approaches tasks much more down-to-earth.

Accordingly, the scope of duties for which we can offer you expert support is wide. Our work focuses not only on the development of innovative product solutions. Rather, we always keep "the big picture" in mind: What procurement processes need to be made? Where are alternative Solutions thinkable? What regulations apply to the industry and what will be the challenges of the future? What environment is the device going to be operated in, who should deal with it later? How can or shall a maintenance be carried out?

Because these questions are eventually relevant for every finished product, we see ourselves as specialists and generalists at the same time. We assume responsibility for what we do about the pure development work. We'd like to demonstrate this by guiding you safely through your audits.