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We think multidimensionally

Therefore, we  get on board with early the development process as early as possible. From the very beginning, we consider the key criteria for an optimally-designed final product: What EMC precautions are required? What will be the mechanical construction like? Which casing and mounting dimensions are given? What dependencies exist between the different components? What budget are we moving? Are the planned components available on-time? Who can deliver them reliably?

About all these questions, you need not to worry. Based on far-ranging, profound component knowledge, we develop strategies for testability at the beginning of the project. We care for a meaningful component management. We simply offer everything that belongs to a finished, auditable solution:

  • Hardware design
    Circuit design, simulation, circuit boards, multilayer, placement, part optimization, EMC, prototypes
  • Software design
    Software architecture, interface and protocol design, modeling, maintainability, robustness
  • Functional modules
    Testability, peripherals, data integrity, second sourcing, resilience
  • Cost optimization
    Application of selected components, supplier comparisons, target-costing