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Together we are stronger

In a successful project, both sides invest a lot of time and dedication. Like this, best possible solutions can emerge. We call this development partnership.

And it's meant as it's said. Because if you let us share your know-how, we bring our expertise, so that innovative ideas can jointy be routed to success. Your need is the demand, after which we create our specifications. You need your data in a specific format? No problem. You want to re-use as many of your standard-parts as possible? Consider it done! Appropriate tools? Are planned for. Youre products must pass audits? We'll go there with you!

When becoming acquainted with each otherit helps that we have just the same experiences you have. Our designers and developers have consistently worked for several years in the manufacturing industry, especially in aeronautics and biomedical technology. With our industry expertise, we know what is important for your release and manufacturing processes. Thus, we also attach great importance to smooth interface management. Fixing contact persons and distrubution of responsibilities right from the start will make compliance with the objectives transparent for both sides.

What's left is the issue of loyalty ... From our side, that's an absolute YES. We treat the know-how that you entrust to us it with great respect and utmost secrecy. After all, we would like to eventually go a long way together with you.



Download this file (CogniMed_DevelopmentPartnership.pdf)CogniMed_DevelopmentPartnership.pdf[Further information on the CogniMed development partnership]620 kB