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EMC - For us an affair of the heart

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) means that an electrical product is neither creating interference with other devices, nor can it be disturbed by such. This complex issue has become increasingly important with increasing use of electronic equipment. It will still play a greater role in the future, because our technological society is exposedto ever greater risks by the increasing number of electrical devices.
Airborne electronic modules, are subject to a variety of testing requirements, far beyond those of conventional electronics. And that's a good thing, because who wants to be on board an aircraft, when its control systems are failing due to unintended electromagnetic interference? Or experience that life-saving systems can not do their job?
We therefore are painstakingly thorough with EMC issues. Our engineers are able to already provide circuit designs with the necessary suppression measures and are experienced in E-field strength up to 600 V/m. They can minimize the effect of parasitic coupling paths throughout the development. From design to finished assembly: in each development phase, the electromagnetic compatibility of the electronics is scrutinized and various protection alternatives are developed. Thus we are able to adapt the protections to the required measure and also to optimize the cost impacts.
While we can not ensure that other devices actually function without problems, we can protect your electronics from interference from the outside as well as possible. And this is to us an affair of out hearts.