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No nasty surprises

The earlier errors are detected, the better. Therefore, our entire design is constantly being verified. We always verify our designs against the specification and search for potential error sources. We simulate, evaluate and modify our solutions until really all regulatory, technical and organizational requirements of our customers are definitely satisfied.

Because we know, when software and hardware are brought together, one may experience some nasty surprises. Therefore, software and the hardware engineers are working very closely together at CogniMed. Not only do they check the individual components and the finished product according to the test specifications. But every module in each development phase over and over again on its way to the final product. They validate the results with respect to the objectives annd verity at the end of the day, that all requirements of our customers are optimally fulfilled.

The tests and their results are performed and documented in accordance with the specified plans. By linkeage with the underlying requirements it is ensured that all customer requirements as well as requirements derived during the development are fulfilled. This is our responsibility!