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Organization is everything

Projects fail less because of technical difficulties, but rather due to organizational problems. To prevent this from happening, we attach great importance to a strict project management. All milestones of the development process are clearly defined as "quality gates", and thus are transparent and understandable for all parties at all times. The responsibilities are defined, there are project managers - and therefore contacts - named to oversee the agreed objectives. We are constantly at home in the magical triangle of cost, quality requirements and timelines . Therefore we are pleased that our project managers are not only very knowledgeable, but have the necessary self-confidence to sometimes be able to mediate between the various stakeholders for the benefit of our common objectives.

This project and interface management has proven to be extremely effective. Experience has shown that there are very many situations where decisions concerning alternatives must be made in the course of a process from idea to production launch. Quality management, risk management, change management - by definiting processes, we make sure that unforseen events do not hinder the success of the project.

Because of this consistent work, we can also develop software that meets very high safety critical requirements, such as DAL -B (Design Assurance Level B) in aeronautics, which is one of the highest safety standards around the world.