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Sensors are the metrological bridging elements between physical quantities and abstract figures. Precision is only possible if one knows one's sensors. CogniMed has even contributed to the development of various sensors. Be it force, pressure, flow, temperature, weight, or impedance: we know the variety of sensors, from low-cost to high-end. With us, a sensor Needs not always to be linear, and it may be subject to production variations. The key is always matching sensor and signal processing to your requirements.

Signal processing

Today, digital processing of sensor signals is a standard task. With our expertise in the broad field of microcontrollers we can choose the right µC family for your application. The microcontroller is programmed by us with the application-specific filtering, signal analysis and calibration. The calibration of our software is even accepted for certifications in the context of legal metrology. And the calibration can also be combined with your industrial production process: Our automated adjustment Systems are even in operation in China.

Wireless transmission

It need not always be Bluetooth: For applications with wireless measurement value transmission, we can rely on inexpensive radio modules developed in-house, that allow reliable data transfer with a very small protocol overhead. The modules use the ISM bands and allow indoor-ranges of more than 10 m. And keeping up with transmit powers , the regulatory affairs and compliance reviews easy and manageable.

Software development

We develop software for microcontroller or PC applications, device controls. Our software provides intuitive user interfaces , processing of different algorithms, in short, everything that makes your device to what it is.